Erb Mennonite Church - Are You Sure You're on the Right Road? - Matthew 7:13,14

Our Vision


We envision a fellowship of believers that fervently pray for His will to be shown to us. We pray for the Lord's grace and healing to be present in the lives of our families and others we minister to.


We envision being a community of people who are wholeheartedly committed to pursuing Jesus Christ in our personal lives and as a church body. We envision that our words of testimony and the modeling of the fruits of the Spirit in our lives would invite many to come and know Jesus. We desire to allow Christ first place in our hearts. We dare to dream of joyfully giving to the Lord the best of our time, talents, and resources.


It is our dream that when we gather expectantly to worship, the presence of God is so real that we are inspired to live changed lives. We welcome the Holy Spirit to reveal to us areas that need growth, so we can more effectively serve the Lord and others.


We dream of every person serving God in the right place, for the right reason, which inspires all to purposeful living. We dream of mentoring relationships that fan into flame spiritual growth through discipleship. We envision striving together as believers to glorify Christ as we anticipate seeing our Lord face to face in heaven.


We envision everyone equipped to share Christ without fear, no matter the consequences. We envision that our faith in God is not a silent personal belief but a public declaration. It is our motivation to proclaim this good news of Jesus so others may share in the assurance of an eternal home in heaven.

Vision Statement

Our Vision at Erb Mennonite Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ who are Prayerful, Passionate, Growing in Christ, Prepared, and Telling Others.

our vision